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Mavid Group streamlines the completion of their construction job site onboarding forms, insurance documentation, and compliance processes with digital forms, online form sharing, and the Egnyte integration.

“GoFormz allows us to manage everything effectively, and easily, from the office. Before it was all guesswork and intangible, but now we have that same data that we were inputting manually before and it’s all being put to use to actively manage the company.”
– Seth Allwood, Safety Advisor, Mavid Group

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Mavid Group needed a more efficient means of onboarding third-party contractors and completing Site Diaries, which required Mavid personnel to frequently complete extensive paperwork. Mavid also needed a way to increase visibility into the compliance of visiting contractors, who often neglected to update their insurance documentation, placing Mavid at risk.


Mavid Group digitized their forms collection with GoFormz, allowing onsite teams to easily generate and complete forms from their mobile devices. Leveraging Public Forms, GoFormz’s form sharing feature, Mavid now posts QR codes around their job sites, allowing visiting contractors to easily scan the QR code and open a link to an online Induction form. The linked Induction forms are specific to each job site, presenting contractors with relevant job site hazards and associated safety measures, without requiring input from the onsite management. QR codes can also be leveraged to access forms stored within Egnyte, simplifying access to documentation detailing safety plans and environmental information.

Mavid also digitized their Site Diaries, equipping them with form logic and database fields, which allow users to easily make form field selections and populate relevant fields with job site or personnel information. Mavid’s digital Site Diaries can also spawn additional form pages, allowing forms to easily adjust to a user’s site-specific needs without further bloating the document for users who may not need the additional form pages. Once completed, PDF copies of site diaries are instantly routed to relevant personnel.

Finally, Mavid leveraged digital forms to refine their contractor compliance programs. Now, when a new contractor is onboarded, they complete a digital Contractor Starter Pack which guides users through entering their insurance information, which is then used to update a Google Dashboard displaying each contractor and their compliance status. This automated workflow has allowed Mavid to more than double the number of contractors within their system, without requiring additional administrative support.


  • 40% reduction in risk associated with contractor compliance
  • Achieved International Standards Organization (ISO) accreditation
  • More than doubled contractors managed without needing to hire additional staff
  • GoFormz and Egnyte integration automates document storage
  • The GoFormz form sharing feature (Public Forms) reduces site manager workload and simplifies collaboration with third-party contractors
  • Form logic and data sources significantly accelerate form completion


  • Induction (Onboarding) Forms
  • Site Diaries
  • Contractor Starter Packs

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About Mavid Group

Based in New South Wales, Mavid Group has over 60 years of building experience ranging from residential to larger commercial. Mavid Group prioritizes quality and compliance while engaging in projects that will have a “positive impact on the social, environmental and economic fabric of growing communities.”

Mavid Group was growing and needed a more efficient means of completing onsite paperwork and managing the hundreds of contractors that visited their job sites across New South Wales. Relying on paper forms, Mavid struggled with the manual demands of job site documentation, which often required onsite management to help visiting contractors complete Induction forms detailing specific job site hazards and safety measures.

“We have a lot of contractors and when they come to a site for the first time they have to be inducted into that individual site, and they might go to five or ten different sites a week,” explained Seth Allwood, a Safety Advisor for Mavid Group. These induction forms would walk contractors through site-specific hazards and accompanying safety measures, ensuring they understood the risks present on each site. “We legally have to have records of each form to show that we are doing our due diligence in identifying and addressing hazards on site.”

Not only did site induction forms require the time of site management, but they were often completed incorrectly or incompletely – placing Mavid at risk. “We would only spot check those inductions when we were doing an audit on a site,” Seth explained. “So a lot of the time they weren’t getting done because the guys didn’t have time and it was time-consuming.”

A digital solution

Needing to alleviate the time-consuming burdens of this extensive paper-based process, Mavid Group turned to GoFormz to digitize their Induction forms, which they quickly rolled out to their site managers. “The next big thing we did was the introduction of QR codes from a Public Form link, which was a huge thing for us,” Seth recalled. The GoFormz Public Forms feature allows users to easily share or post links to their online forms to be filled out by anyone, at any location – simplifying collaboration with third-party contractors. “Now, we place signs at the entry point of each site, so contractors can simply scan a QR code, which will open the form link and they can fill in and submit the necessary information. Rather than the long process of standing with each site manager and spending 20 minutes completing a form, to ensure the contractor had completed it correctly.”

Mavid also leverages QR codes to improve access to completed documentation and digital resources stored within Egnyte, removing the need for visitors to seek out onsite management. “We’ve linked everything to site signage, so now we have QR codes that link to GoFormz and Egnyte for quick access to all of their plans, environmental information, everything from those QR codes on the site,” Seth explained. “So you really don’t need to go to a site manager – it takes a lot of the onus off of our workers.”

This process was well-received by Mavid’s onsite teams and visiting contractors, not only because it accelerated the completion of forms, but also improved the quality of entered information and completeness of submitted documentation. “Our workers loved it because it took a lot of that work off of them.” Similarly, digital forms also alleviated the documentation burden placed on contractors. “We now have databases connected with contractor information, so a lot of the form will now auto-populate when the contractors fill them in, so our team was quite happy with GoFormz.”

“It allows us to manage everything effectively, and easily, from the office. Before it was all guesswork and intangible, but now we have that same data that we were inputting manually before and it’s all being put to use to actively manage the company.”

Site Diaries, simplified

“A site diary is a form completed every day by our site staff,” Seth explained, illustrating another of Mavid’s most notable paper-based pain points. “It tracks things like who is on-site, what building work has been done — it’s basically an evidence trail.” This documentation is essential to Mavid as it establishes a record of what work and compliance processes have been completed throughout the day. “Before GoFormz, our guys were initially doing that using a Word document, so they would sit down at the end of every day, and sometimes they would have five or six sites, so they would have to complete six site diaries per day. Which was quite painful for them.”

Digitizing their Site Diary form with GoFormz, Mavid was able to leverage a variety of features to simplify and guide data entry. Utilizing form logic, Mavid configured its Site Diaries to create additional form pages in response to specific field selections. This functionality allows Mavid’s form builders to seamlessly tailor forms to the user’s unique needs, ensuring the form packet only renders the form pages needed based on the initial criteria entered into the form. “There are about ten different forms that can be completed from the site diary,” Seth explained. “Before GoFormz, if there was an incident on a site, they would have to go and complete their Site Diary and then complete another form to address the incident. Similarly, if they had a delay on-site, they would have to complete another form. Now many of those forms have been integrated into the Site Diary, so if there was an incident or delay, they’ll simply tick a box and it will create a Delay Form automatically, which saves them extra paperwork and notifies the right people.”

Further simplifying the completion of Site Diaries, Seth and his team have equipped the digital form with data sources, which instantly populate fields with data, like the date, a project number, and onsite personnel – resulting in more accurate and complete data capture and documentation. “It allows us to manage everything effectively, and easily, from the office. Before it was all guesswork and intangible, but now we have that same data we were inputting manually before and it’s all being put to use to actively manage the company.”

“At a drop of a dime we can change anything we want, we can customize it, we can go in any direction we need – so we’re not stuck to one model that another software provider would give us.”

Contractor Starter Packs

One of the largest challenges for Mavid Group was the growing number of on-site contractors and their ever-evolving compliance status. “​​When we onboard contractors that we haven’t used before, they sign a contract and provide their insurances, before adding a bunch of information to let us know who they are,” Seth explained. “Before we were doing this and it was absolutely horrible. It was all paper-based. The contractors would fill out a document and then email it to one of our staff members. And our staff members, if they remembered, would save it onto the server and update a Smartsheet with that information. But 90% of the time, something would go wrong in one of those touchpoints: the contractor wouldn’t complete a property, an employee wouldn’t save it on our server, or they wouldn’t update the information properly, and we’d be at risk of using non-compliant contractors. This is an issue because if something were to happen we’d get stuck with a lot of liability issues. That was a big pain point.”

Adding to Mavid’s frustrations, a majority of the collected contractor information would not be tracked beyond the document – isolating critical compliance information within paper forms and filing cabinets. “I thought a lot of that information was very useful and could be used to manage trades better.”

To simplify the collection of contractor information, Mavid created a digital Contractor Starter Pack, which can be accessed via a Public Form link. A link is routed to the contractor via an email template, along with instructions for how to complete the form. When a contractor opens the form link, form fields become required based on the contractor’s specific relationship to Mavid, for instance, what kind of contractor they are or how many workers they have on-site. “There are probably 50 or so different ways the form fields become required based on that information they put in,” Seth explained. “So it takes away a lot of what used to happen: we would get those packs and we were relying on whoever got that pack to interpret it properly and understand every insurance that was required. But now it’s all automated so it’s removed all those touchpoints.”

Once the form has been completed by the contractor, it is automatically routed to a Mavid staff member and transferred into their name. The Mavid employee will then check the contractor’s insurances, and submit the form if it has been completed correctly. If the information has not been entered correctly, the Mavid employee will add a quick description of why the form is being rejected and it will be sent back to the contractor, prompting them to fill it out again. If the form has been completed correctly, it will be automatically saved to a corresponding Egnyte folder and update a Google Dashboard – allowing Mavid teams to easily view and manage what contractors are at risk of being non-compliant. Contractors who are noted as at risk of non-compliance in Mavid’s system will receive a series of emails prompting them to update their insurance information.

“Implementing GoFormz has increased our business opportunities. ISO accreditation opens your business up to large government jobs and big tenders that are worth a lot of money, and all of that is a result of the systems we’ve put in place with GoFormz.”


Mavid Group’s streamline documentation and compliance processes have yielded impactful results. “When we started I think we had 400 contractors that we were managing, but not well,” recalled Seth. “Now we are managing closer to 1,000 contractors and our accounts department have managed to keep the same three employees during that time because GoFormz has removed a lot of that work that they were initially doing. So now they can manage far more people with a small number of employees because they aren’t having to save documents, input information, and data, or email people. I would imagine we’d have an extra 2 to 3 staff members at the moment if it weren’t for the one compliance section.”

With better, more frequently incoming compliance data, Mavid has also greatly reduced risk across their job sites. “Our contractor base has gone from 40% compliant to 89% compliant. That’s a 40% reduction in risk of something going wrong and [Mavid] being held accountable for however many thousands of dollars that might come out of a large accident.”

Leveraging GoFormz has also allowed Mavid Group to achieve accreditation with the International Standards Organization (ISO). “Implementing GoFormz has increased our business opportunities. ISO accreditation opens your business up to large government jobs and big tenders that are worth a lot of money, and all of that is a result of the systems we’ve put in place with GoFormz.”

What’s next?

Next, Mavid Group plans to implement a digital Site Startup Form, which will allow users to select a site manager from a database and instantly dispatch site-specific action items. This process will act as a starting point for each site, adding a layer of automation that will eventually connect to the Site Diary workflow.

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