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Molding minds takes more than just pen and paper –– empower your school with adaptable, secure mobile forms. GoFormz for Education allows school administrators to digitize their existing paper documents, creating identical mobile forms, without the need for retraining.

Digitally collect data to drive growth within your classes and institution. Mobile education forms enable users to enrich their forms with powerful logic and Likert scales –– ensuring documents best convey the progress, achievements and context behind each student’s data.

Education life with GoFormz

A+ Accessibility

Easily locate and access student or school records with instantaneous data, simple searchability, cloud storage and organizational tools.

Secure Recordkeeping

Rest easy knowing confidential records are secure with user access restrictions. Share documents with students, parents and administrators without fear of leaked data.

Significant Time Savings

Rapidly deliver the data students, administrators and parents need. With real-time data, workflow automations and instantly dispatched forms, paperwork is quickly completed so you can focus on what matters.

GoFormz Educators’ Edition

We are offering a free trial edition made specifically for teachers to easily create, share, and collect digital and online forms with students anywhere.

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Education + GoFormz Success Stories

Benjamin Delgado

Founder, Leaps & Bounds Family Services Inc.

“We have cut down the time that it takes to complete our documentation processes by more than 60%.”

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